The tale of the soup wizard

A long time ago in a far away land of ‘merica there lived a man blessed by the ancient soup ones. He plied his trade here there and every which way. And soon his prowess with the ladle knew no bounds. From far and wide people came to and fro to slurp up his tasty concussion. Perchance you may have heard of them. The likes of jambalaya, crab bisque and the like. He was strict with his patrons as he was with his brews. Denying them his fare seemed only fair. But lo his avarice knew no bounds declaring himself better than soup jesus! This angered the ancient ones. They struck him down and made him low. Taking from his living husk all the ancient secrets of stock and soup. Mind filled with violence. The Soup Wizard sought vengeance. The wizard found a book. It was filled with malice and cruelty. It was the ancient soupinomicon. A book bound by the stock of 10000 orphan tears. It  can turn love found in homemade soup into  evil so vile, bile, and facile. This evil soup will be one day enough to destroy the ancient one and the world as we know it.

Moral of the story finish all your soup before the soup wizard gets to it!
Soup is made with love and care !


Rematch Time !!!! And random adventures in Toronto. Look for bright light orange sneaks, and my semi internet famous mask. SLAM MAT !!!!!

Old Impatient Man Knocks on the Door

Waiting for the washroom.
Old Impatient Man Knocks on the Door.

Complains that they take to long in there doing their makeup.
I stand there saying nothing.
He Knocks, swears and repeats the complaint.
Turns to me, when she’s done we’ll just go together.
I stand there saying nothing.

There door opens, she leaves.
I enter, I try to turn around to close the door.
He’s already inside
I can’t hold it in.
I start to go.
He saddles next to me and starts to pee
The streams cross.
I finish fast, leave.
Only men can do this you don’t have to lock the doors because we’re guys he says I left.

people are weird


It is how the kool kids say thanks. 

Random White Dude telling another white dude with long hair to get a hair cut, and get a real job in the land of Scarberia 9:30 in the morning on a tuesday. 

It exists! Asian George R.R. Martin complete with glasses, naval hat, suspenders, even the beard mind is fucking blown. ALL HAIL SCARBERIA!!!

Too many Bazinga Shirts !!
Sugue on why fanexpo ‘11 wasn’t that good. 

Partying with a Unicorn. 

Partying with a Unicorn. 

My drinking technique is to drink before I throw up